Bar and Lounge

Pool Bar

“Perch up” for chilled drinks at the pool bar and enjoy a colorful water fountain with an amazing music and memorable candle night. We have all you need to enjoy the relaxing informality and comfort of the environment. This includes delicious home-made pizza, sandwiches, salad, juices, refreshments, beers and fancy cocktails. If you are looking for a fresh cold natural juice to cool you down by the Pool Bar then this is the number one place to be in the Gondar city. You can even see your testy juice being made while you enjoy the nice cool fresh air.

The V Bar and Lounge 

Our luxury bar offers you a spot to unwind after a long day. Whether to catch up with friends or continue a meeting over a glass of wine, our bar is open all night along with the best music selection. The V bar and lounge is also the ideal place for you to do finish off your work for the day, with its relaxing atmosphere and fast internet connection.


Stay With Us! you won't REGRET IT!